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Chlorophenol / Meta chlorophenol / m- chlorophenol / 3- chlorophenol /3- chloro phenol / m chloro phenol

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Chemical Name : 3 Chlorophenol
Common Name : meta chlorophenol / m- chlorophenol / 3- chlorophenol /3- chloro phenol / m chloro phenol / Chlorophenol
Molecular Formula : 3 CI(C6H6)OH
Molecular Weight : 128.5
Structural Formula Structural Formula for 3- Chlorophenol
CAS NO. : 108-43-0
UN NO. : 2020/2021
Synonyms : m- Chlorophenol, 3- chlorophenol, meta chlorophenol .
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Characteristics   Specifications
Appearance : Yellowish Clear Liquid
Assay : 99.5 %
Others : 0.5%
Moisture : 0.05%

About Yashrasayan
Manufacturers of Chlorophenol, Parachloroaniline (PCA) 1500 TPA, Parachloroaniline Hydrochloride 600 TPA

Yashashvi Rasayan, a Patel group company, was established in 1990, with the initial production of Beta Naphthol. The company diversified into Chlorophenol, Paranitroaniline (PNA), Parachloroaniline (PCA), Parachloroaniline Hydrochloride and 2,5 Dichloroaniline and established manufacturing capacities of 1200 TPA of PNA and 1500 TPA of PCA in 1994, company also produces PCA Hydrochloride 600 TPA and Dichloroaniline 600 TPA. Prior to working with 3- Chlorophenol you should be trainedon its proper handling and storage. 3- Chlorophenol is not compatible with ACIDCHLORIDES; ACID ANHYDRIDES; and OXIDIZINGAGENTS (such as PERCHLORATES, PEROXIDES,PERMANGANATES, CHLORATES, NITRATES,CHLORINE, BROMINE and FLUORINE).

Chlorophenol is toxic for a wide range of organisms, a property that accounts for many of their uses. Large quantities of higher Chlorophenol are used in pressure treatment in the wood preservation Industry; in addition, substantial amounts of the sodium salts of T4CP, PCP, and T3CP are used to surface-treat fresh-cut logs and lumber against sap stain fungi and surface mould. Large quantities of lower Chlorophenol serve as intermediates in the production of pesticides, such as T4CP, PCP, 2,4-D, and 2,4,5-T. The use of 2,4,5-T has been discontinued in a number of countries. Lesser amounts of chlorophenol are used as wood preservatives in agricultural and domestic applications, and Chlorophenol, as additives to inhibit microbial growth in a wide array of products, such as adhesives, oils, textiles, and pharmaceutical products.


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